Five of The Most Powerful Demons Names

In order to understand Demonology, in detailing and describing powerful demons names, it’s important to understand that there are many different aspects of the research. Obviously there’s the religious/Christian side, which focuses on certain entities defined within the Bible as a demonic entity and classified as good vs. evil. There’s also what most people would classify as “satanic,” in other words the group of people who actually worship a deity or deities that many Christians would classify as Satan or Lucifer.

There’s also a third category, I’ll call it the historian category, who searches back through the centuries at all of the religions and would classify any deity seen as ‘evil’ (even only partially) as a potential demonic entity. In some cases the religion itself may consider the “God” as partially a force of good, but the entity had a “trickster” characteristic.


New Paranormal Site Up and Running!

I'm pleased to report that is now up, operational, and fully loaded with all of the articles from this blog. Moving forward, I'll be providing updates with news from the paranormal community, scientific research with paranormal leanings, and analysis of the evidence gathered by paranormal groups throughout the country, as well as my own local investigations.

The Goals of Invisible Articles

What you'll find when you visit is a little bit different than what you'll find at most other paranormal sites on the net. Everywhere you look, there are paranormal websites that rehash the same old ghost stories and information about paranormal locations and homes that the author simply finds through an Internet search, and then rehashes the same old information.

At - you'll find fresh new angles on paranormal topics, you'll get the latest breaking news within the field of the paranormal, and you'll experience a scientific perspective on paranormal issues and investigations that you'll have difficulty finding at most other websites that focus on things like psychic energies, auras, and floating orbs (also known as camera lens dust).

At InvisibleArticles, you'll learn that hauntings, spiritual activity and ghosts are a very real phenomenon, but they are also phenomenona that should be analyzed and investigated using methods and a perspective where any possibility is accepted, any hypothesis is considered - but only the most probable hypothesis are explored. At, you won't find yourself wasting time with the same old stuff - it's the latest news, unique perspectives, and very cool interviews. You'll be hard pressed to find this information anywhere else. So bookmark the page and come back often...things are just heating up!


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