Ghosts - The Search for Answers

Welcome to the first, ever, science-based ghost blog. "First, ever?" you ask. Yes, that's presumptuous of me. But honestly, have you been able to find a single paranormal investigator anywhere on the internet who has been able to examine the spiritual side of this world without falling into one of two categories:

Believer - The writer/investigator who starts out trying to remain critical and unbiased, but after a few personal paranormal experiences, he or she starts to lose grasp of all reality. Some begin studying how to "improve" their psychic abilities in order to communicate with spirits, while others become convinced that the CIA is doing experiments on their dog. Think I'm joking? Hang the coming weeks I'll show you a few examples.

Skeptics - These are the ones who, if you tell them you were born in October of 1978, they won't believe you unless you provide a birth certificate. If you say up, they say down. If you say the grass is green, they'll say prove it. They are natural devil's advocates to the point where they deny their own perception of reality. A good quality for anyone examining paranormal phenomenon - but a bad quality for anyone examining an unknown, poorly-understood phenomenon. The believers are the scientists who can't see the forest for the trees. But the skeptics are the scientists who walk around with blinders on, and walk through the forest, ignoring everything happening around them.

What's better? Neither. With this blog, I'm going to provide a place for level-headed skeptics and believers to come and examine the world...without limits. Those of you who live in a haunted home, experience strange ghosts and other paranormal phenomenon in your home, hang around. I'm going to share interviews, live investigations (including real ghost pictures and real ghost video) from local and national investigations.

We are going to assume nothing. We are going to believe nothing. But we are going to uncover everything. We'll do it together, you and I...loyal reader. Stay tuned.



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