The Ghost of Haynesville Woods in Maine

Most people who visit the St. John Valley of Northern Maine are shocked by the remote isolation of the place, and they are usually unaware of the Ghost of Haynesville. When you are driving through Aroostook County, there's a seclusion that's so deep, it creates an uneasy sense of feeling trapped, or worse, abandoned by civilization.

Isolation and The Ghost of Haynesville

To the west, there is the rugged wilderness of Western Maine which, at some point, crosses into Canada. To the East, there's eventually nothing but ocean. To the North, there are sparse towns, large and small - another civilization of french speaking Canadians, many of whom are not very fond of Americans. And finally to the remote and distant south, there's the rest of the world - the malls, cities, and media of America. This sweeping, flowing, hill-filled valley is a physical and metaphysical crossroads the likes of which most people have never experienced before.




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