New Ghost and Spirit News On the Way!

First, I'd like to offer thanks to loyal readers who've been visiting this blog since it first started. I've been overwhelmed with the traffic and the great response to these observations of paranormal events and happenings throughout the world. I have some good news related to where this blog is headed.

This month I've decided to invest a bit into this endeavor and I've established a domain by the same name as this blog. So, by the end of the month (hopefully), is going to be fully designed and stocked with the same sort of articles that you've become accustomed to reading here - with a bit fewer ads and a bit more content and research. I'm planning a few trips this year to some local haunted locations, and there will also be several interviews with ghost hunters and other researchers along the way. There are a many great things in store, so please stay tuned and follow along.

I'll be updating this blog with updates along the way, even as the new site is getting designed and loaded. There's a lot going on with other writing and research - I'll be interviewing folks over at Central Maine Paranormal this week, and I'll make sure to publish an update on that.

Thanks again to supporters and readers for following along - the future is looking great for InvisibleArticles, and I'm glad to have all of you following along.



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