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Wow, I can't believe the last update here was in February. There's been a lot going on - I've just been promoted and trained as a new Group Editor over at the great informational site LovetoKnow. My job is now to direct the content for some very cool channels, not the least of which includes the Sci-Fi channel, which is always fun. I mean, who doesn't like Science Fiction??

At the same time, while I should probably be cutting back on my work, I decided to launch several blogs hosted at my own domain. That means I'm moving all content from Invisible Articles at blogspot (this blog) to the new and improved website over at Please check it out and update your bookmarks. Once the content from this blog is migrated over (I'll be leaving posts here with "Read More..." links), I'll also keep this blog active and post synopsis of all updates from that site. So regardless of where you follow along, here or there, you'll stay informed!

Some very cool upcoming stories will hopefully be some collaborative haunting investigations with a friend of mine from Massachusetts, as well as hopefully some progress on getting into the Theater building over at the University of Southern Maine (with the school's permission of course!)

Please stay tuned, and come back often for the latest news, updates, and scientific analysis regarding all things paranormal.



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