A Lesson in Spiritual Warfare

In this post, I am going to provide an agnostic, yet very powerful lesson in spiritual warfare for people entering haunted locations - especially during the holiday season.

Recently, my sister mentioned that she's going to be attending an overnight at a local haunted house in New Hampshire. It's a yearly event and not exactly easy to get tickets, so she's excited (and I'm jealous) - but, knowing that I research, contemplate and write about this stuff on a daily basis, she asked for my opinion about the sort of things she'd probably be facing inside an allegedly haunted location.

After going over some of the most common events people report at haunted locations such as knocking, moving objects or unexpected smells and apparitions, she asked about something that I couldn't answer immediately, and it's also the basis for this important update because I realized there are likely a lot of people going ghost hunting for the very first time every October, so a lesson in spiritual warfare is certainly in order.

A Lesson in Spiritual Warfare - Protection from Evil Spirits

First of all, as a skeptic regarding most claimed paranormal activities, this is a difficult topic for me to cover. I've always had a strong spiritual belief in unseen forces and energies that are at work in the world around us. With a Catholic upbringing, that translates into something that borders demonology I suppose - although I don't really believe in the modern, commercialized image of the monsters that are used in the movies to portray demons, or Satan.

However, I do believe that in the cases where paranormal activity is authentic and very active, that a metaphorical "demon" may be at work. If you ask me to explain what I mean by that - I can't. It's not the traditional Catholic or Christian version of demons I refer to, but more of an ethereal community of invisible entities who cross over into our physical Universe and play games with us.

So the question is really this - how do you protect yourself from entities that you normally can't see, you don't know their motives or intentions, and in fact you can't be 100% sure that they are even real or have intelligence. After all, the history of physics is filled with discoveries of earth energies that the population, before those discoveries, never knew existed. Still - the big question here is if they are intelligent entities and they are evil, how do you protect yourself?




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