Demons and Haunted Houses

Ghost hunters around the world investigate cases that involve what appear to be real ghosts, hoaxed phenomenon, and also misunderstood circumstances or events. Unfortunately, it's very difficult for ghost hunters to remain on the fence regarding the reality of the spiritual realm. Some investigators see so much overwhelming evidence that they start to believe every little creaky staircase is a ghost. On the flip side, other investigators come across so much silliness that they get hardened to even those cases where authentic phenomena shows it's face. How do you proceed with both skepticism and an open mind?

Research the cases where the evidence calls into question everything you've come to base your reality on.

Examine Only Cases of Real Hauntings With Excellent Evidence

"Hauntings" are those cases where objects, the environment, or even people themselves start to become manipulated by unseen forces. It's the most difficult predicament for a scientist, because there are so many unknowns. It's a black box with something inside, and you need to determine what that "something" is without touching, smelling, nudging, or otherwise manipulating the box. That's the difficulty every scientist faces within the paranormal field. This is why you need to dive into the thickest, ugliest, and most difficult cases of paranormal activity. That's why, this week, I'll be examining cases of possession and it's place within the environment of a haunted home.




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