NY-SPI Is Like Ghost Hunters for UFO Phenomenon

This is good news, if you like the ghost hunters of the Sci Fi channel, the New York Strange Phenomena Investigations (NY-SPI) are releasing a "director's cut" version that allegedly has "never-before-shown scenes so shocking, the other channel was unwilling to broadcast them."

Shocking Paranormal Phenomenon Like on Ghost Hunters?

According to a press release issued to researchers and investigators, these original UFO Hunters of the Sci Fi channel were forced to go to Investigation Discovery (ID) because the "other channel," obviously a reference to the Sci Fi channel, wouldn't release the episode.

It isn't clear exactly how the program has been "uniquely modified," for ID, but according to the release the new take has footage shocking enough that the other channel turned it down. Now, in this day and age of television, with Sci Fi showing plenty of shocking footage on Ghost Hunters, or A&E providing a lot of spooky moments on Paranormal State, it's hard to believe that anything could be so shocking in the field of the paranormal, whether it's ghosts or UFOs. This episode of NY-SPI INVESTIGATES is going to be broadcast Saturday, December 13 at 10 PM EST, so if you get Investigation Discovery, please review the episode and report back here via comment or email what you thought of it.

What is NY-SPI and Information Discovery?

I'm a huge fan of Ghost Hunters and Paranormal State. While I like Paranormal State because of how open-minded Ryan, the Director, can be in his investigations, I like Ghost Hunters just a little more because they are more scientific than Paranormal State. For one thing, they'd never use a psychic to "sense" whether there's a presence. While I believe in the reality of psychic ability, there's no evidence of it's strength or ability in sensing ghosts, aliens, or other paranormal activity. It makes no sense to use a tool that you don't understand in order to investigate a phenomenon that you don't understand.

This is why I like NY-SPI. Yes, they're dealing with those goofy-looking aliens and the UFO phenomenon, but most researchers and investigators of paranormal phenomenon are starting to recognize that the two experiences are extremely similar. And as far as "strange phenomenon" goes - an alien abduction experience is extremely similar to many scary demonic entity experiences.

NY-SPI is one of those special investigative teams that assumes nothing. They make the best use of science to investigate what they call "otherworldly experiences." While they may be talking about other physical worlds, ghost hunters around the world recognize that sometimes "otherworldly" has a whole other meaning. NY-SPI was co-founded by Oliver Kemenczky and Ted Davis, and in this particular episode, they bring along researcher/investigator Dennis Anderson.

What's Investigation Discovery (ID)?

For investigators who appreciate good, solid science in every investigation, July DVD Sale ID is a very good sign of the times. Investigation Discovery is a Discovery network that, according to its website, is "focused on fact-based investigative content about culture, history and the human condition."

Given the condition that so much non fact-based investigation has created for the field of UFO hunting and ghost hunting, such a network channel is a very good sign for the future of paranormal investigations. Media, such as Twilight, the movie, are encouraging a greater public interest in things that are paranormal and supernatural. Episodes on television, based on using science in an appropriate way, to uncover the secrets behind all of this strange phenomenon that surrounds us in this world of ours, will encourage future generations of ghost hunters and UFO hunters to take the same approach. It will encourage kids to do well in science so that, one day, they might be the one to make that breakthrough that explains the secrets of the unseen world around us.



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