Real Guardian Angels - Are They Just Ghosts?

Whenever I read stories about encounters with angels, alien abductions, and nightly visits by shadow people or demons, I'm always struck by the obvious parallels between angel encounters, and encounters with other entities. As time goes on, I'm starting to appreciate the extreme psychological nature of these events. The problem, of course, is the fact that the psychological aspect only explains that people are misinterpreting things. The fact remains that physical and anecdotal evidence proves something very real, and sometimes very disturbing, is taking place. The question is - what is it?

Encounters with Guardian Angels

This week we're going to focus on a unique aspect of experiences with guardian angels, because so few websites out there cover this material from a paranormal investigator's standpoint. Unfortunately, on the flip side, most investigators also ignore the alien abduction phenomenon and encounters with angels. But that only makes sense, because they are concerned primarily with those experiences that more closely match what they believe these entities are - ghosts. Unfortunately, that leaves too many other experiences, like those with angels, unexplored.

So, in order to fill the gap, I'm going to cover three impressive stories that I found from readers who reported their own experience on the Internet. Most of the angel-based websites take the religious angle when covering these stories - but from a unique "paranormal scientist" standpoint, your can to review these stories with a whole new perspective. As you read these stories, look for clues regarding the characteristics of these entities that could tell us more about who or what they are. Let's get started.




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